Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are you moving?
A: I was unhappy with my (now previous) employer, and another company made me an offer that was far too good to pass up. However, in order to accept it I will need to relocate from Atlanta to Seattle.

Q: When are you leaving?
A: Frankly, by the time you read this, I've probably already left. I'm leaving Atlanta 24-OCT-2008/Friday. Which, depending on how I drive, puts me into Seattle on/about 29-OCT-2008/Wednesday.

Q: How are you getting to Seattle? Driving or Flying? What route will you be taking?
A: I will be driving. The path will take me along the lower-part of the U.S.. Imagine a line that runs from Atlanta, through the northern bit of Texas, and over to California. From there, I'll go north up into Washington.
Of course, for security reasons, I'll be keeping the *specifics* of the route Top Secret. :)

Q: Where will you be living?
A: I'll be spending a day or two staying with some friends, then moving into a small, furnished apartment (a part of my relocation package) while I look for more long-term living quarters. The specific part of the area is still up being considered, though at the moment I'm gravitating toward the area around Greenlake, Northgate and Broadview.

Q: Isn't there your *fourth* relocation cross-country? What the hell is wrong with you??
A: Yes, and Oh-so-many-things.

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