Pictures from Day -1

A shot from my (now old) apartment. Poor lighting, but a good shot of box-land.

Moving truck. According to the movers valuation estimate, I have something like 5500lbs of cargo. Where did I get so much crap?

Just a nice shot of Atlanta from the hotel. Not even a shot of 'real' downtown or anything, but I still thought it was a nice shot.

Pictures from Day 2

Another random cockpit-cam shot. Apart from the first day, the weather has been very good, as this shot shows.

Shot from the cockpit of the car, looking at the insanely narrow road they funneled us down so they could not-be-working on the rest of it.

Pictures from Day 4

Technically a shot from Day 3, my last view as I drifted off to sleep. Dr Pepper and MST3k on a laptop, my two true loves. :)

A shot from the morning gas-up looking out into the desert outside of Albuquerque.

This is the reverse of the last shot, looking out over the highway. The horizon? Yeah, it's way the hell out there.

This was taking at a rest area in Arizona, I think. There were a lot of formations like this. Very picturesque, but I had driving to do, so I only caught a few shots.

These were all over the place at several of the rest stops I paused at. But, go ahead, let your small dogs roam about the area. :)

More desert. Trust me, after driving the south-west of the U.S., you'll have had your fill of this stuff.