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DOWNLOAD - contains the convertstowhat executable, a data file (convert.dat), and an xml of the mineral values last time I checked.

Min. Requirements
- requires the .net framework version 2.0 or better. Shouldn't be an issue - the framework is installed automatically on most Windows computers. - You will need all three of the files included in the zip file above. - Internet access is required to make use of the Update functionality, though the application can be used off-line otherwise.
Can also be run in the Mono framework and works quite nicely under Linux this way.

Version history

This tool was intended to assist in market transactions, especially for those common, low-level rat drops that you'll never use and want to sell. The question that came up was "should I sell at the current market rate? Or might I make more just converting this to its base minerals and selling those?" This tool is one of several on the Internet that addresses this.

Useage is pretty straight forward. Start the application like you would any other Windows app.

The first time you run the application you should update the value of the minerals. Use the menu item Data\Update Mineral Value from Web. This will download some fairly accurate mineral value data. This data may not always be perfectly accurate, and some discretion should be taken when relying on this data. Also, do not abuse the service - only update once a day at most.

To get the value of an item, select it from the list with your mouse, or enter all (or part) of the item's name in the textbox. The right-hand pane of the application will show what the item reprocesses to under ideal circumstances. It also calculates what the value of those minerals are based on the last checked values. Since you probably don't reprocess or sell at a perfect, ideal rate, and because local mineral values may be different than galactic averages, take this value with a grain of salt and use it only as a point of reference.

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